How to increase penis sensitivity

Penis sensitivity

Even though increased penis sensitivity is a common problem, there is also an opposite issue men have to cope with and that is the low sensitivity. Many men report that their penis is less sensitive than before or that they barely can feel any sensation at the penis head. Because this problem is strongly connected to healthy ejaculation, once it appears men have hard time ejaculate easily as before.


This problem is strongly individual and most of the men don’t have to treat it during the whole life. Even if your penis starts to lose the sensitivity, there is no need to panic as there are different options how to solve this problem and return the sensitivity back to normal. There are different supplements as sprays or creams available or even home remedies that usually work as well.


Men suffering from this issue still can perform as before, they just don’t feel the pleasure and joy as they should be. Reaching the orgasm usually takes much longer ended by a poor ejaculation. Sure, women usually enjoy such prolonged intercourse, but men barely feel anything thus remain unsatisfied. The masturbation is yet other nightmare. It can take too much time to reach the orgasm and many times men just give up. At this point, if none of the recommended remedies work for you, it is time to visit a professional.


What are the causes behind the decreased sensitivity?

Increase penis sensitivityThere are too many triggers that can cause it to decrease. It is strongly individual and for the sake of this article we cannot name them all. Poor masturbation technique or masturbating too often can harm the skin and nerves on the penis head leading to less sensitivity. If you still masturbate too much, make sure you use a lubricant.


According to reports also uncircumcised men can experience this problem, even though this relation was never proven. Lack of vitamins and nutrients is yet other common cause.


How to return the lost penis sensitivity?

By far the best method is to use some effective supplement as cream or moisturizer. Quality products contain all the vitamins and nutrients needed to repair the damaged soft skin on the penis head.


When looking for such supplement, keep in mind that quality matters. We are talking about your favorite organ, remember? Poor quality ones usually do more harm than good. Vitamins like E or C are crucial in these case, so make sure these are among the ingredients in the product you are going to buy.


Penis head sensitivityThere are also some do-it-at-home options that can help as well. However, they work better when used along with proper penis cream or any other type of supplement.


It is believed that using the milk as a body wash can help to remove the damaged skin cells and soften the healthy skin. Just apply the milk or quality cream on the affected area and let it do its job for at least 5 minutes. Rinse off with clean water afterwards.


Still, quality penis cream designed specifically for this purpose is the best option you have. It can return the sensitivity much faster and also those home remedies. Once the cream is applied on the penis, the nutrients are absorbed directly into the skin starting the healing process immediately.

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